CBT, Anxiety, Depresion, Trauma, Panic Attacks & More...

Supervision is available for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  Please contact for more detail at 07475390930 or email supervision@counsellinginuk.co.uk

I am qualified in counselling psyhology, specialised psychotherapy and conselling, providing wide range of clinical supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and trainee psychologists for their clinical work with clients. My approach is integrative and collaborative, while being specialised in multicultural interventions to psychotherapy and superivison, enables me to work with therapists with multi-cultural background and those who work with divierse cultures.

I use Steve Page and Val Wosket's "Supervising The Counsellor A Cyclical Model" that is designed to meet the needs of the trained and experienced practitioner as wel as the supervision requirements of the student or trainees therapists, aurguing forcefully that training and professional development are essential for effective clincial supervision.

I believe in parallel process between supervisor and supervisee.