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About Bereavement Counselling and Psychotherapy

Bereavement starts when we lose someone belong to us or something very close to us. Death is inevitable part of our life. However numbness, sadness, anger and shock are related to the grieving process. If these issues are not dealt, it can cause emotional scars and mental health issues.

In bereavement, first usual response could be shock and disbelief. Denial normally follows as the bereavement finds it difficult to accept the reality of the loss. It is normal to experience Anger and even Guilt. A period of Depression can follow which can include symptoms such as sleeplessness, irritability, loss of motivation, social withdrawal, changes in appetite and physical pains. Our accredited therapists with BACP, IACP, IAHIP and NAPCP, aim to address the core issues and at some stage the bereaved move to a position of acceptance.

Issues for Grief/Loss Counselling

• End of Relationship
• Death of a loved one
• Moving Home
• Miscarriage/Abortion
• Personal Injury/Illness
• Redundancy
• Children Moving Away

Benefits of Bereavement Counselling & Psychotherapy:

• It helps you deal with bereavement issues in a more healthy way
• You get your own space to explore the issues and get help to accept losses etc.
• Will help to process the painful emotions, to accept the loss, to make relevant adjustments and to help discover productive coping mechanisms