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About Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy provides a platform for couples where they can discuss their intimate relationships and martial problems. Variety of therapeutic interventions can help couples develop the tools for successful relationship. We provide a variety of perspective along developmental and situational problems. Also provide a diverse set of treatments suited to working with couples. During your relationship with your therapist you would explore yourself and gain self insight which leads you towards more and appropriate choices and you gain more positive bonding with others.

Our accredited therapists with BACP, IACP, IAHIP and NAPCP work with individuals, couples, and families in wide range of relationship issues i.e. lack of communication, break-up, sexual issues, jealousy, commitment problem, domestic violence (DV) and pre-marriage counselling.

Issues for Relationship Counselling:

• Conflicts & Arguments
• Psycho-Sexual Problems
• Commitment Issues
• Anger & Jealousy
• Separation & Divorce
• Etra Marital Affairs & Sexual Addiction
• Domestic Violence & Abuse
• Lack of Communication
• Power Imbalances
• Pre-Marital Course

Benefits of Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy:

• Taking control of historical patterns of your relationships
• Have understanding on forming healthier patterns of relationship
• Improved communication skills in your relationships.