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About Depression Counselling & Psychotherapy

Depression can be described as feeling unhappy, sad, miserable, or down. True clinical depression is termed as mood disorder in which the feelings of sadness, anger, loss or frustration interfere with everyday life for weeks, months or longer.

Our accredited therapists with BACP, IACP, IAHIP and NAPCP will help you to explore the main causes of your depression, and also incorporates CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques which focuses on lifting to maintain the cycles of depression.

Issues for Depression:

• Mood Disorders
• Post-natal depression
• Suicidal Thoughts
• Changes in Appetite
• Social Withdrawal
• Grief - loss
• Redundancy

Benefits of Depression Counselling & Psychotherapy:

• Find the reasons of your depression
• Opportunity to examine your thoughts, behaviours and feelings that contribute Depression
• Develop suitable strategies to manage low moods
• You learn the techniques and tools that could be effective for you in the long run